High Speed Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal

Silicon Carbide Seals Picture

Silicon carbide mechanical seal at high pressure work, the seal faces need to bear a large load, which requires the sealing material must have a high strength and rigidity, or the seal faces will be deformed due to compression, resulting in leakage or rapid wear, causing mechanical seal failure.

High voltage silicon carbide mechanical seal is a high strength, high stiffness, high elastic modulus material, under high pressure is not easy to deform. Meanwhile, high voltage silicon carbide mechanical seals has high bending strength, and pressure sintered silicon carbide is 410 MPa, while more than 2 800 MPa compressive strength, flexural strength is seven times, can withstand high end face stress, meet the requirements. High pressure and ultra-high pressure mechanical seal friction material requires not only have to withstand the high pressure of the good mechanical properties and thermal cracking performance, but also have emergency response capacity of the accident, which to a large safety factor.

Flexural strength of SiC hot up 7000k g / c m2 or more, and a compressive strength of 7-8 times the flexural strength, if the structure is designed to be able to withstand the high pressure medium. While high voltage silicon carbide mechanical seals is a rigid material, the elastic modulus of up to 4 xl 04k g / m m2, at a high pressure is not easy plastic deformation. Some foreign nuclear power plant in EHV hydrodynamic main circulating pump seal materials have been using high voltage silicon carbide mechanical seals, because of its anti-irradiation performance better than carbide.