Silicon Carbide Seals Material Group

Silicon Carbide Seals Picture

Silicon carbide seals not only has excellent sealing performance for mechanical seal advantage of high parameters, but also has a wealth of resources, low cost, easy to shape, suitable for mass production advantages. Silicon carbide products mainly include: chemical vapor deposition of silicon carbide (CVD SiC), silicon carbide chemical vapor reaction (also known as carbonized graphite, CVR SiC), reaction bonded silicon carbide, sintered silicon carbide, sintered silicon carbide hot.

Silicon carbide seals friction coefficient of silicon carbide and carbon graphite materials with the group is all friction material with the smallest group of a group, the dry friction coefficient of 012, and stability. SiC friction coefficient was due primarily to its own has a certain self-lubricating, including chemical vapor reaction lubricity best combination of silicon carbide. Silicon carbide and carbon graphite with a group of very low wear of carbon graphite in a variety of PV value, and with the increase of the value of its PV value changes very little, silicon carbide seals are strong anti-adhesive wear.

In many petrochemical fluids with solid particles. These particles are not only caused the seal faces severe abrasive wear, but also generate local heat seal face, causing thermal cracking. Silicon carbide seals not only high hardness, wear resistance and thermal cracking, and it is also very advantageous emergency running properties, therefore, the use of silicon carbide seal itself with a group of hard friction potential applications in medium containing solid particles greater. Silicon carbide and carbide with the group also has good anti-wear properties.