Silicon Carbide Elastomer Bellow Seals

Silicon Carbide Elastomer Bellow Seals Picture

Chinatungsten Online is one of the professional silicon carbide elastomer bellow seals manufacturers and exporters from China. We are specially designed for the applications like hot water pumps, cold water pumps, oil pumps, steamers etc. Moreover, customers are alleviated with the easy accessibility of the silicon carbide elastomer bellow seals in varied specifications.

elastomer bellow seals

Universal compact DIN seals and seat available with different DIN standard working lengths. This robust, heavy duty bellows design provides excellent flexibility and durability. the seals are supplied as standard with a boot mounted seat, however altemate O-ring mounted seats are available.

1.High strength
2.Easy to install
3.High durability
4.Higher efficiency
1.Chemical Industry
2.Textile Industry
4.Fertilizer Industry

Technical Specifications :

Pressure in the sealed chamber

<=7 bar

Temperature in the sealed chamber

- 200oC to + 250oC

Linear Velocity

<=10 m/Sec

seal Size

10 mm to 75 mm

seal Characteristic

single acting, independent of rotation, unbalanced, torque transmission by elastomer collar


sealsol - 043; Dura - EB; Crane-1, 1 A, 2; Burgmann-MG; Leak-Proof- 73